AHMED MUSA Scores 2 goals for Nigeria in WorldCup Against Iceland

Nigerian Frontliner , AHMED MUSA HAS scored two of the goals of the World Cup, giving Nigeria the lead against Iceland with a stunning volley at the Volgograd Arena.

A dull opening 45 minutes saw his side fail to register a single shot on or off target, however just four minutes after the break the forward exploded the game into life. And in the 70th minute , he added another one making it 2-0 against Iceland.

A swift counter-attack saw Victor Moses escape down the right channel before crossing into the box.

Musa took one touch to set himself up and fool his marker, before flashing a powerful volley flying past goalkeeper Hannes Thor Halldorsson and into the back of the net in the First Goal. A similar approach was taken by him in the Second Goal.


More about the WPHC Crypto coin


The season of the digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions referred to as Blockchain has rapidly changed the landscape of the tech industry. In just a few years, the focus of development has advanced from segregated, isolated, and privatized information networks to decentralized, and independent and public ledgers. In recent times, the development of Ethereum has brought smart contracts and DApps into the limelight. Smart contracts which is based on Ethereum enables the ability to utilize the blockchain policies across countless organizations and industries. In fact, we currently don’t have a decentralized and authoritative cloud based oracle to detect and verify locations. The WPHC Network solves this problem by creating a well layered location verification service that is effective across many device classes and smart contract protocols. It’s based on a set of cryptographic mechanisms, Proof of Origin, which tie together the efficiency of the blockchain and real-world data collection into a network with direct applications in today’s world.

How It Works

The WPHC Crypto Network is made up of four primary components:

· Pickets, which gather data about their location, environment, and other nearby WPHC Network devices and store this information on an onboard digital ledger,

· Viaducts, which relay information from Pickets to the public blockchain, where it is stored in perpetuity,

· Curators, which store and index the information transmitted via Viaducts,

· Vaticinators, which access the information to verify location or answer queries.

Together, the interaction history between Pickets and Viaducts creates an unalterable Proof of Origin Chain which is stored and indexed via Curators. By examining individual Proof of Origin Chains and their Intersections with other Chains, Vaticinators can provide location verification and location history for a specific Picket or set of Pickets.

Since interactions between Pickets are recorded on each device’s individual Proof of Origin Chain, you can verify that the interaction occurred by comparing the Chains at the point of Interaction. This creates the concept of Bound Witnesses, allowing us to establish trust and certainty despite the decentralized nature of the WPHC Network.

Providing the Best Answer

When a user submits a query to the WPHC Network — for example, if they want to know if an e-commerce order was delivered to the customer — there exists the potential for inaccurate or conflicting responses. Vaticinators examine all available information and determine the best possible answer based on the timeliness and trustworthiness of the information provided. Specific details on how this Best Answer is determined are available in the WPHC Network white paper.

WPHC Tokens

All components of the WPHC Network are incentivized through the awarding of Ethereum-based ERC20 WPHC Tokens. When a user submits a query through the WPHC Network, they spend WPHC Tokens based on the request’s priority and complexity. These tokens are awarded to the Vaticinators which provides the Best Answer, the Curators which stored the information used to generate this answer, and the Viaducts and Pickets which provided this data. In this way, WPHC Network are components are rewarded for their participation in the Network and incentivized to provide reliable and useful data.

WPHC tokens will be distributed through a Token Sale which started on May 23, 2018. We’ll be releasing more details here on Medium and on our website, https://wphcloud.org .

Like this concept? Do Help to spread the word.  Have questions? Check them up at https://medium.com/@WPHCNetwork , Join their Telegram Group or ask them in via WPHC Network reddit.

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